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Day 17

Chicago river
Temp: 0
Feels Like: -17
Wind: W 11 Mph
Sky: Mostly cloudy
Water: normal
Water color: clear
B. Pressure: 30.65
Fish Caught: 0
09 Fish Count:71
Skunks: 3
from Dec.31,2008-jan.1,2010

I Proudly welcome in my 3rd Skunk of this fishing Season. Last year I only got 2 Skunks the whole year, But then again I only got out about 85 times. This 366 Day affair Will be GREAT! And I've already became friends with so many more Ducks :mrgreen: Learned so many more things to be specific, The Tide. When I went to Florida and fished a Few years ago we fished jack all day then about 4p.m. in the evening the tide would change and send in a lot of tarpon. Well here on the River I've noticed this winter between 1:50p.m. And 2:00p.m. The Tide changes, Water Rises And A lot of Fish move in. Coming from I have no clue where I'm sure some deep channel i have not been able to locate yet. Carp Fishing the river this week has allowed me to locate some steep holes I'd otherwise not of known of And I definitely Noted the area down well in my Mind. So when it's time for bass (MAN I CANT WAIT!!!) I'll be able to fish these areas specifically. I've learned Although many of the trips (Not all) were at a Discharge I find my Fish during winter time near still calm water with minimal current. Today I went carp again Although Equipment wise i wasn't that prepared I did Bring bread to prevent the freezing corn thing again. Although i did Use both bread and Corn the majority of my Bites Came on bread. I'm usually very proficient In hooking every fish that bites my line, But Today I dealt with some of the weirdest bites Ever and Just couldn't figure them out. Although I can say I have a bounty on those carp tomorrow. I'm going to throw my first Guarantee Out there And Say tomorrow i will successfully land at least 4 Common carp. The 2 1/2 hours Spent out there today I think I know a Specific Rig and Location i can go to tomorrow And catch some nice fish. hopefully all comes through. Either Way... i won't be posting about a skunk tomorrow.. i promise that :mrgreen:

Bring on the 30 Degree Temps! Bring on Those Sexy Large Mouth BASS!!!!

Tight Lines!

See you all tomorrow.

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lol.i turned you in 2 a monster 10 years ago with that 1st bag of yellow grubs i gave u.good times man!!! b careful out there slip in the water in this sh#! could be very bad in less than 10 min.

brrrrrrr its cold!!!!!!

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Just want to say your posts and pics and stuff you put on you tube are top notch really enjoy them keep up the good work.And as for fishing openwater now you are for sure HARDCORE.
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