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Day 24

Chicago river
Temp: 27
Feels Like:15
Wind: WNW 15 Mph
Sky: partly Cloudy
Water: low
Water color: clear
B. Pressure: 29.80
Fish Caught: 3
09 Fish Count:90
Skunks: 3

- The goal

Fish Everyday from December 31, 2008 - December 31,2009 keeping all my stats and learning a long the way. Every species count in my season tally accept Shad, Gobies, any invasive species. And also to bring awareness to the trophy fishing in urban community's. Weather is taken from Even When i report a skunk I'll post a picture of the surrounding as proof of my outing.

had the camera setting set wrong :cry: I'm by myself on these outings relying on the self timer i apologise for the bad picture.

Also got this guy.. Very nasty looking and a lot of visible veins. Anything that touched this fish's skin A Vein would break causing it to bleed.. Very nasty to even look at especially with the amount of blood :cry: I poured some of my Lipton citrus green tea on some of the cuts, the Citric acid working similar to what rubbing alcohol or peroxide would do to heal our cuts. When I used sprite.. Or the tea before on bad cuts with the fish they healed in the tank in about a week. Last year, a study was released proving that a little bit poured on a fish's cut only beverages containing citric acid (sprite, seirra mist..etc.. :mrgreen:

And then my 90th fish on the season :mrgreen:

- Geo
Multi-Species fisherman
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Yea, it did get chilly, a little upset that the temperatures are going back down... If they would have been stable I could have threw up a report with bass for all those cry babies out there :roll:

Next 3 or 4 days are going to be tough.. On my part.

- Geo


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Illinois doesn't have a DNR so I am directly quoting Wisconsin DNR said:
Signs a fish might have VHS

The following symptoms could apply to many different fish diseases, therefore, VHS must be confirmed by lab tests. Additionally, some infected fish may not show any signs and transporting these fish to new locations could spread the disease to new waters. If you catch a diseased fish or observe a fish kill, follow these instructions on what to do.

* Hemorrhaging (bleeding)
* Bulging eyes
* Unusual behavior
* Anemia
* Bloated abdomens
* Rapid onset of death

The clinical signs of VHS include hemorrhaging in the muscle tissue and internal organs, pale organs, and bulging eyes.
© Dr Jim Winton (USGS, Seattle WA), Dr Mohamed Faisal (MSU, Lansing MI) and Dr Paul Bowser (Cornell, Ithaca NY)

How VHS spreads and environmental factors

Infected fish shed the virus in their urine and reproductive fluids. The virus can survive in water for at least 14 days. Virus particles in the water infect gill tissue first, and then move to the internal organs and the blood vessels. The blood vessels become weak, causing hemorrhages in the internal organs, muscle and skin. Fish can also be infected when they eat an infected fish. Fish that survive the infection will develop antibodies to the virus. Antibodies will protect the fish against new VHS virus infections for some time. However, the concentration of antibodies in the fish will drop over time and the fish may start shedding virus again. This may create a cycle of fish kills that occurs on a regular basis.

The virus grows best in fish when water temperatures are 37-54°F. Most infected fish will die when water temperatures are 37- 41°F, and rarely die above 59 °F. Stress is an important factor in VHS outbreaks. Stress suppresses the immune system, causing infected fish to become diseased. Stressors include spawning hormones, poor water quality, lack of food, or excessive handling of fish.
That one at least deserved to be left on shore to rot.....

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George W said:
If they would have been stable I could have threw up a report with bass for all those cry babies out there
keep at it man ...well done !!!!!


Lets see some winter bad ass bass dude :wink: Time to expand beyond the gold fish.

Push it man..... get out of your comfort zone.

Just a thought/motivation to help you along on this long journey...expand.... take a chance
ya may get skunked or you may catch a 5lb' that would be sweet :lol:

Some nice pike in the rivers this time of year?

Variety is the spice of life :wink:

Wishing you the best Geo ....I enjoy every post

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Bassman For Life said:
FishingNerd25 said:
What the heck happened to the bloody fish?
He came out of the Chicago River is where he should stay. Out that is
Question for the common carp haters - what negative effect has carp had on the populations of native chicago river fish? i mean, bluegills are fine and dandy, bass are doing okay.. so why the carp hate?

nice job out there george :lol:

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I agree Andrew.... that was one fish I was hesitant on releasing.. But did release it. It's other eye was fine, nothing out of the ordinary on the opposite side really, just an old scar. But this fish had something.. And hopefully If Vhs we don't get a spread :shock:

And for Mr. Basscaster, I'm going for carp at the moment Because I've been really close to getting that 25lber. Winter was always my best chance at big carp. unless you want to go try your luck for the bass Your not seeing any until At least February. I'm content where I'm at :mrgreen: It's a long year my friend... Your going to see many different species.

But as for now..

Enjoy the Freshwater Redfish :mrgreen:


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