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Day 25

Chicago river
Temp: 0
Feels Like:-10
Wind: WSW 5 Mph
Sky: partly Cloudy
Water: low
Water color: clear
B. Pressure: 30.37
Fish Caught: 0
09 Fish Count:90
Skunks: 4 Dec.31,2008-Dec.31,2009

- The goal

Fish Everyday from December 31, 2008 - December 31,2009 keeping all my stats and learning a long the way. Every species count in my season tally accept Shad, Gobies, any invasive species. And also to bring awareness to the trophy fishing in urban community's. Weather is taken from Even When i report a skunk I'll post a picture of the surrounding as proof of my outing.

I was finally able to get out after helping out my mother and grandfather. I wore my work clothes under My snow clothes as I normally did, only today with just 30 minutes to fish... Within that time I fed the ducks most of my corn :oops: Missed 3 bites... And Went to work starving!!! stopped at a local 7-eleven (I'm in the city so that's every other block :mrgreen: ) And Grabbed two Arizona green teas a Bag of mixed nuts and a can of corn. After work.. I proceeded towards my spot But since the street lights gave my spot no light whats so ever I decided to head over to jaybombers usual spot (Just realized that's closer to me then anything else :oops: :oops:) I walked around a bit... But decided not to fish. I was hungry and need to prepare for what is starting to feel like a cold morning tomorrow.

My 4th Skunk of the season... Probably my most disappointing one..

I'll come back strong.

I'm going for ateast 3 tomorrow..

Thinking of hitting artificials again Tuesday...

- Geo
Multi-species Fisherman
Adeptfish[email protected]


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yeah i finally had a chance to get back out, being the weekend and all, but it just got too cold. i'll pound 'em soon enough. are 30 degree days too much to ask for? anyway, keep 'em coming.
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