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Day 35

Chicago river
Temp: 13
Feels Like: -4
Wind: NW 18 Mph
Sky: Cloudy
Water: high
Water color: clear
B. Pressure: 30.31
Fish Caught: 0
09 Fish Count:112
Skunks: 6

.. Pursuit of happiness.. Today I aimed for bass as soon as I arrived at the hole. As I've been doing this February. The scenario.. the same. The feeling even deeper. It all started about 11:34a.m. on my 5th or 6 th cast. I walked up and saw a Carp Swimming feeding in the shallow water, So I grab my bait caster And loosened my drag quit a bit, just in case I hooked him he didn't break my G-Loomis!! So I cast towards it with a soft plastic seeing if i can maybe manage a strike, It's not uncommon to catch them on plastics here. But quickly he swam away. So I start casting in front of me And keep my lure suspended and twitching it.. just to watch how it moves. Then I see a Fish rise from the dark water And he swallowed my bait! I quickly set the hook, while at the same time My drag is releasing line.. :oops: :oops: :oops: :x :x :x so my line is coming out at the same time I'm setting the hook, And the hook never actually punctures his mouth!! he gets off... And swims away.. I drop down.. pout a little.. 15 seconds later up and FISHING HARD!!! Covering everything trying to see just maybe I might be able to get another strike. And after 10 minutes I realized what just happened. Just missed my second consecutive bass in 3 Days :cry:

There's many times I'll think about it and just want to punch a wall. It really upsets me, Because I've been doing it so long it feels like, Yea, Really 16 years already. Imagine.. for as long as I can remember This really is my Life. And for such an opportunity to slip away Twice! well, I'll say it here. It won't happen again! I learned from the first time the fish literally jumped out of my hand because i didn't lip him, and second about forgetting to set my drag. I've placed an order online at basspro As soon as I could. And can say My new aggressive approach will rip the hell out of these fish's lips. I'm taking no prisoners!

Instead of pouting over this, I'm looking at the positive, I'm doing something right to at least get the opportunity. 2 bass in 3 days in February... psshhh There will be NO fish to out smart my presentation. Game on!

After Work, Determined to get out And glad I did... i needed all the stress from this afternoons outing to get off my back. The River was Beautiful. I seen tons of raccoons and rabbits, amazing. So i take my skunk, And look forward to another opportunity for Mr. Large Mouth bass.

There's a bounty on your head. Play times over!


- Geo
[email protected]


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Out again though, and enjoying your time. I've got a family of rabbits that live under my deck, probably not through this summer though. They chew the hell out of all my saplings. :evil:

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