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Day 37

Chicago river
Temp: 24
Feels Like: 21
Wind: SSW 17 Mph
Sky: sunny
Water: avg
Water color: clear
B. Pressure: 30.17
Fish Caught: 4
09 Fish Count:117
Skunks: 6 Dec.31,2008-Dec.31,2009

Yesterday's outing my old line .. 8 months old to be exact finally gave me the back lash out of hell.. Nothing i could do but cut my line, and Now. It looks like I'm unloading my spool just to fix it. Sheeze.. I've had many small ones, easy fixes but this was insane!! So today I did fish for bass when i first got there, Went lip less.. drop shot, Texas and Carolina rigged finesse worms and tubes. So decide I'll hit the 2 " white grub and if there is a bass lurking I'm sure he'd grab my grub. No Bass,.. and the bite was tough.. I landed two Bluegill. One Crappie, measured a little over 12". And one White perch.

Here's the pictures

White Perch

Bluegill Numbero uno


Bluegill #2

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I didn't know we had white perch in the area. :shock:

I'm used to the regular guys, like what I caught in a local pond today.

I popped these three out of the same hole in a 2 minute spread. Later got 3 more and about 20 gills so small I thought about keeping them, drying them out and making guitar picks out of them. :lol:


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All very nice fish George, I sometimes mistake the pull of those fat white perch as the pull from a small bass. Hopefully the water doesn't rise to high this weekend.

Ron, nice ice perch, and I like the look of your rig in your signature photo. You should start your own thread next time: looks like you have plenty of cool outing share.
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