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Day 38

Temp: 44
Feels Like: 37
Wind: SSW 15 Mph
Sky: sunny
Water: Low
Water color: Clear
B. Pressure: 29.88
Fish Caught: 2
09 Fish Count: 119
Skunks: 6

The First..

Man, has it been awhile. Feels like an eternity. But if the opportunity presented itself I promised I'd Make the most of it. And I did this the first He hit with the "Thump" Feel, and I set that hook! Once the fight was over and i reached down and grabbed him I screamed. I shouted so loud I almost went horse. My buddy Shane said. "Man Like iconelli Yelling like that." .. No! I was happy! When I get a fish you can hear it when i lose a fish you can hear it. Ask John, Jaypee, and Neil s. they've fished with me enough to know. Boy was I happy after a Few pictures this beautiful bass which I've been pursuing this month got released..

This one, Once caught measured a little over 18" :mrgreen: Was a Really nice fish that fought like a freight train. He gave me the "thump" Feel which usually means he did one big inhale.. And he'll usually chew, then spit it out.. Well i got him on that first inhale!! (When you're supposed to!)

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hell yea geo.nice bass looks bout 3lbs+ and dont worry ill be in 4 the spawn.


live bait we dont use no stinking live
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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