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Day 39

Temp: 56
Feels Like: 44
Wind: WNW 17 Mph
Sky: sunny
Water: HIGH (Almost 2 feet)
Water color: Murky
B. Pressure: 30.05
Fish Caught: 0
09 Fish Count: 119
Skunks: 7

.. I'm assuming all the salt and dirty things that washed in the river had something to do with my skunk today, Carp yea, I could have caught ,but This month is dedicated to BASS And Unfortunately i refused to make the switch. hopefully tomorrow We see a better outcome. I have a GREAT chance at raking in some big bass this winter and sticking with it whether it's the good or the bad.

.. I knew this month was going to be bad.. With the snow melt and everything. But I really need to make up for lost time, Tomorrow I'll only have limited time but Monday will come back strong.

This February has been the WORST 7 Days of Fishing EVER!
What is it.. ?
13 Fish.. 2 Skunks.. in 7 days.. ?
Missed one bass.. And another couldn't get a picture..
At least the opportunity Presented itself yesturday.


Disappointed.. But WILL Turn it around before the middle of the month hits!

- Geo
[email protected]


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SHe makes a great point its Feb and the amount of fish you caught so far is pretty good. I do not however think that the salt has anything to do with the reason the fishing has been so bad. The cities and townships used this type of salt for many reasons and one of them being that it is to prevent anything that may interfere with the enviornment.
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