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Day 41

Temp: 52
Feels Like: 52
Wind: S 18 Mph
Sky: Mostly Cloudy
Water: High
Water color: Murky
B. Pressure: 29.78
Fish Caught: 1
09 Fish Count: 121
Skunks: 7

.. Today I was only scheduled to work 6 Hours.. finally a bit of a break :mrgreen: Most of the Day nothing, not even a tap. But after the sun put on it's high beams for about 15 minutes I got this guy, One of the lightest bites i've ever felt. but I quickly Set the hook and thanked the Fish gods for my catch! :mrgreen:

( Sorry for quick report last few days, Trying to catch up on sleep :mrgreen: )

- Geo
[email protected]


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Nice Bass Geo! God is looking over ya for sure man! Light bites and cold weather go hand in hand! Your doing an awesome job! Keep it up!

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there is nothing wrong with wearing pj's during the day and sure isn't anything wrong fishing everyday and having the results like this man. good job once again.

and how will you come up with titles in like june? j/k
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