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Day 43 And 44

Temp: 35
Feels Like: 28
Wind: WNW 10 Mph
Sky: Cloudy
Water: High
Water color: Stained
B. Pressure: 30.10
Fish Caught: 0 - 0
09 Fish Count: 123
Skunks: 9

This is a two day post From yesterday and then again for today.

For a guy who was pretty confident going into this season, that Believed He may have a chance to Actually catch a fish a day for a year. Already has 9 Skunks 44 Days into his En devour. The Last two days I did Strictly bass and I worked many different areas. I worked points with spinner baits, lip less Crank baits. I Texas rigged worms, tubes, saber tail tubes, I fished grubs finesse worms, Weightless I went shallow crank baits. I Drop shot Worms, Minnow plastics, Grubs tubes. And nothing. never even a tap. I walked the banks fishing Any cover I could find along the shoreline And still not even a tap.

I covered swim baits.. And everything. But no bites guys, so after two Straight skunks I'm still Sticking with it. Each outing this is my most sought after species and it's been so this month. I'm 44 Days in and tomorrow Friday the 13th I hope to land a bass. I've been fishing them hard but no opportunity's have came my way the last 3 days. It's not like I'm hitting the same hole either, I cover A LOT of water. I'm not one of those sit n a hole type guys if nothings good after at least 40 min. The water has been higher, And especially yesterday it looked so bad My brother and i took a trip to Montrose and belmont harbor where i tossed Cranks, Spoons, and spinners for trout And jigged Perch Without a nibble, but that was a tough day. Cold Windy and wet :lol: :roll: I know without a doubt when the Bass come in and i don't And are feeding and all I'm aiming for 5 a day. i can't wait either ! i bought a quantum accurist today on more of a no second thought purchase. I saw the left handed reel sitting in the bottom of the plastic case and Asked if I could buy it. He said yea, then I asked if i could get a discount since it was a display item and he gave me a 10 % Which was good enough for me. Although Right handed i've Always preferred Left handed reels even though i can fish both with out that "Weird confused" . ..

well Anyway i don't mean to ramble.. just don't have much "Fish caught to discuss :roll:.

This was 2/11

Really Windy.. White caps near shore... this was the river.. :shock: took some pics.. but man i don't even know how to fish water like that.. :lol:

i have some pictures of the lake to on my other camera, will get them up later.

After 44 Days Straight.. I Can't wait to Go fishing tomorrow :wink: :wink:

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This crazy weather probably gave the fish a serious case of lockjaw. Good work. By the way, how open are the harbors? Going to the auto show tomorrow and I might bring a rod.

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Hey George, if you want a righty, I have one new in box that I thought was going to be a lefty when I ordered it. I keep forgetting to send it back to Cabela's. I'd be willing to trade if you are interested.

Here's the specs:

AC570PTB gear ratio:7.0:1 line cap.:150/12 bearings:4+1

I CANNOT fish with the righty baitcasters (injury), so if this goes back to Cabela's, I'll have to find a different reel to buy. They have no lefty Accurists left in stock, not sure what would be comparable to this at a similar price point......

Message me if you are interested in a trade, I might even throw in a spool of spectra so you can wind it on and fish asap.
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