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Day 46: Valentines day

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Day 46

Temp: 41
Feels Like: 38
Wind: E 10 Mph
Sky: Cloudy
Water: High
Water color: Stained
B. Pressure: 30.12
Fish Caught: 1
09 Fish Count: 125
Skunks: 9

Valentines Day, Almost an inch of snow Still sticks As I walk The Woody Banks Searching for a place to cast. I come up to a small cement Discharge.. oldest thing i've ever seen but just enough room to step on So I jump on up. I've never fished the spot before Mostly just overlooked it Because of the Few obvious fishing holes on the river. I started making a few cast with the new Quantom accurist reel Spooled with 50lb Power pro. It's been awhile since i last spooled with power pro.. Almost 2 years if i remember correctly. But quickly the sensitivity and no stretch line became a quick favorite in this 10 foot hole of Water That i fished every inch of. After a little bit of Work, I pulled in my First bass on my new Quantom combo on Valentines Day in what hopefully is the Last of the Snow we'll be seeing this year :mrgreen:

Although Dedicating this month to bass I was afraid of how many days I wouldn't catch one, I'm surprised at what I've been able to accomplish at this point in February.

[email protected]

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Nice chunker Geo!
Nice bass, but doesn't the upper jaw look small?
toothdoc said:
Nice bass, but doesn't the upper jaw look small?
Yes, it does. I thought the tail looked a little small too. The red coloring around the mouth and fins looks like what I see on a pond I fish that is fed by a WWD creek. Those fish don't look healthy when you look down their mouths and see all the red. :cry:
toothdoc said:
Nice bass, but doesn't the upper jaw look small?
I noticed the same thing on the bass from yesterday that you posted george......the discharge must be doing something to these fish...
Nice fish Geo ! keep it up bro :D
Great job out there! What will you target next?
Another hawg GEO.

I am not suprised some of the fish in the Chicago River have growth defects. We are still talking about the Chicago River. Even though it yields some really nice gamefish now, I don't think many of us would be willing to swim in it ourselves :lol:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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