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Day 48

Temp: 30
Feels Like: 19
Wind: NW 10 Mph
Sky: Cloudy
Water: regular
Water color:clear
B. Pressure: --
Fish Caught: 0
09 Fish Count: 125

Well, The last two days I haven't been able to get a bass to bite. That cold front last night Made for some tuff fishing against these little green fish. So in order to keep other anglers following I'll choose to target whatever species That may come to me. Although i've only been bringing my bass outfits out since feb 2 or 3rd and i have caught some nice ones. I must keep altering to keep the skunk count low and Anglers like Ken S. Mouth Shut. ( YOU DIDN'T CATCH ONE EVERYDAY FOR A YEAR) I started this for my self, and i choose to fish it my way. With Proof of my journey. Unfortunately in today's society It takes proof To show your accomplishments.. So a bash here and there about something You have NO Proof Of.. Well :lol:

... Shut up and FISH

Hopefully We Nail them tomorrow.

- Geo
[email protected]

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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