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Day 50
Date: 2/18/2009

Temp: 36
Feels Like: 28
Wind: NW 12 Mph
Sky: partly Cloudy/ Light Sleet
Water: regular
Water color:clear
B. Pressure: 29.52
Fish Caught: 10
09 Fish Count: 136

Today I Finally had more then 40 Min. to fish, And Decided to Expand my horizon and forget about that Stupid Only Target bass Routine. I decided to start with carp to boost my numbers, Switch to bass. Then the last 20 min. hit the pan Fish. The Carp Fishing was Decent, with the Addition of a Beautiful MIRROR CARP. The Bass fishing didn't work out well, The high water And muddy banks made for some fun fishing though :mrgreen: Pan fishing was alright, until a metropolitan boat came through and dirtied the Water :wink:

Although it did get Very dirty :wink: It was a fun time out.

It started off With This guy, I just lifted up my rod tip to check out my presentation and My drag started screaming :wink:

Then With one of the lightest bites I've ever seen :shock: I set the hook And he fought Strong! He was a very lean mean fish. Made multiple runs and felt similar to that steel head i caught last spring :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Its a Mirror Carp. Your not going to see one of these every day, So take a GOOD Look.

This guy gave two hard tugs, and basically hooked him self.. poor fellow.

This little Guy give me to short tugs And I set the hook :D :D

This Fat fellow Gave me a BIG Fight I was tired after all these Hefty Carp.

Then Packed the Carp rod up, and set out for some Pan fish.

Caught 2 Crappies, and 3 rock bass

1 Mirror Carp
4 Common carp
2 Crappie
3 rock bass

- 10 total

- Geo
[email protected]


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nice day there! forget working out-just keep pounding those carp. that mirror is quite large. looks like a fun day!


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BigJim said:
Nice work! What kind of bait and tackle do you use for carp? That first picture looks like corn on a Kahle hook, but I could be wrong.
Corn is a definite Yes, As for hook this year I've been using gatumatzu (sorry for the improper spelling) circle, finesse, And drop shot hooks. All Have performed well :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Also, The matzuo Circle hooks that come pre- rigged with a flurocarbon leader Are a top favorite lately to :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

- Geo

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