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Day 51
Date: 2/19/2009

Temp: 23
Feels Like: 15
Wind: NW 12 Mph
Sky: Sunny
Water: low
Water color:clear
B. Pressure: 30.01
Fish Caught: 1
09 Fish Count: 137

1 for 1, Fished for carp today. Upon arrival I was a little surprised As how the river completely changed from Day 50's outing. On day 50 the water was up close to 2 feet and stained pretty good. Today Almost 6" Lower then typical level And CRYSTAL CLEAR For awhile using an 8lb mono leader I finally ended up having to switch to a fluro-carbon 6lb test Berkley Vanish leader. After wards i almost instantly hook into one But Upon the hook set y Bail slipped and, Well the " Hook set " Never Came, I started reeling in my slack and he was still on the but after two tugs he pulled my hook. The Second one though coming almost 3 minutes after the one I missed fought like a freight train.


unfortunately It looks like my bassin days are slowing down, Sometimes my bait casters will freeze up so Much I can't Even turn the handle to retrieve the Line. So I'll keep them at home and Fish bass with my spinning outfit as well as pan fish. I'm just playing a numbers game The rest of this month Trying to pick up the slack. Monday or tuesday the weather will pick back up And i'll take the bait casters out once more


Rod: Dawaii 10' 6" Fire wolf UL
Reel: pFlueger Trion
Maine Line: 8lb Trilene XL
Leader: 6lb Vanish flurocarbon
Sinker: 1/2oz Bell Sinker
Hook: Gatsumatzu Size 6 Drop shotting hooks.
Bait: Whole kernal Sweet corn

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Cranked said:
You're still having a problem with that reel? Did you get my pm?

Dude, you have to fix that before it costs you a real good fish and you end up throwing the whole outfit in the water. LOL I've seen it happen numerous times. :lol:
No the reels Fixed thanks to your pm Cranked.

it's all the ice that forms on the reel When you retrieve line and the ice forming on the guides that makes even turning the handle a problem :shock: :shock:

I don't want them to mess up because of it, So I'm leaving them alone this weekend. :D

even though i really don't want to.. :roll:

Mother nature just keeps teasing me..

Gives me a taste then Takes it away!

- Geo

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