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Chicago river
Temp: 27
Feels Like: 17
Wind: WSW 8 mph
Sky: Sunny
Water: Regular Level
Water color: clear
B. Pressure: 30.14
Fish Caught: 3
09 fish Count:51from Dec.3108-jan12010

Hey guys, Believe it or not. Yet again I was caught off guard. fishing everyday is making me realize so many more aspects of the sport especially how the weather effects the fish. Yesterday I could barely see an inch deep. Today I was able to look 3feet deep with no polarized glasses. I predicted the 6th and 7th to be one of the hardest fishing days of this month for me But the effects that are happening tomorrow Have affected what the fish were doing today. The crappie GONE! I guarantee you I'll find the school again just give me a few days. But all Fish that were caught today were bluegill they were HUGGING bottom again this time much deeper! in about 6-8 feet of water they Would barely tap anything. I used the same rig i used in yesterdays post just today with a pink Rat finkie I believe there called it's an ice jig. I cut off a chartreuse tail of one of my bass worms and placed it on the hook. The fish Were Definitely There but Probably the toughest they've ever been to catch. I took off my 6lb test spool and added my 2lb test spool went much lighter with everything and much slower to. I ended up catching 3 bluegill All fish felt really cold, and today's outing is leaving me clueless on how to approach the next two days. i went out with just my pan fish things today I have a day off Friday and Plan to nail a few bass then.

here they are guys, Although small fish. I worked my A## off to get them. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks for reading.

See you all tomorrow :mrgreen:

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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