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Day: 63
Date: 03/03/09

Temp: 28
Feels Like: 20
Wind: S 9 Mph
Sky: Mostly cloudy
Water: high
Water color: Murky
B. Pressure: 30.50
Fish Caught: 2
09 Fish Count: 157

After Reading bucketmouth4's Report a Day or two ago about catching the Musky Neil and I set out to do just that this morning before work. First we hit the wwd. I caught a crappie and had a few bass look but no takers, All the fish looked like the exact same ones that were there that last time I was here a day or two ago which makes it no fun :roll: . Makes no sense to go fish these fish everyday and let live bait do all the work for you when artificial's where it's really at. Neil landed two fish 1 gill and 1 crappie I believed. But then we headed towards salt creek itself Neil using a jig And I using a White 3/8oz White spinner bait. I made a few cast and did a figure 8 along the banks.. 2" off shore this beautiful musky slammed my 50lb power pro and quantum bait caster sporting that bps spinner bait :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

If you where debating on whether or not to go fish the musky there... Maybe this report might help you make that decision a lot easier! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

[email protected]

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Nice job dude! 8) Beautiful colorful fish. I have had a couple little pike about that size there, but never a musky! It is a convenient place to fish. I just hope all those little guys are respected and not carried off in buckets.
About the size vs. the stocking...I was at a fishing show this weekend, and went by the Cook County FP's booth. They had pics of musky that were being stocked off a truck, and they looked much bigger than I would have imagined. With all the little shad, suckers, etc. in there and the warm water, maybe its possible? :idea: Just a thought.

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Well I'll be damned. I love this trend. I hope and pray that this guy was one of the guys stocked last year and they're just doing THAT well. We could have a real musky fishery on our hands folks (a guy can dream). Please tell me everyone will catch and release. We're gonna have to put round-the-clock security on site to stop the bucket-heads from harvesting them.

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The great thing about Fishing is..

No matter what lure, bait or whatever you throw out.

You NEVER know what your going to catch.

There's never a SURE thing when your out there.

And that's what's great about it.

I could have just as easily caught a walleye, northern or bass which all make there homes there as well.

I say WCF Make a HUGE Presence And Lead by example and Enforce C.P.R. Bucket heads will never go away until Ethical anglers like ourselves step in. I didn't even know anything about musky in Busse until Bucket heads post, From there is when I read up on everything and now I'm very excited!

Although your primarily a musky fisherman Many of us aren't, It's one expensive genre to jump into. Especially if you want to chase those trophies.

Go Enjoy your tax dollars at work, just promise to Enforce C.P.R.


- Geo

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