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Day 67-69: Talk about rain ..

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Day: 67-68-69
Date: - 03/07/09-3/08/09 -03/09/09

Temp: 51
Feels Like: 51
Wind: W 12mph
Water: HIGH
Water color: MURKY
B. Pressure: 30.12
Fish Caught: 0-0-0
09 Fish Count: 176

Day 67 / 3-07-09

Fished the Des plains in Search of Pike. A lot of Rain But we fished in between the dry spells...

No Fish spottings..

Day 68 / 3/8/09

Fished the Chicago River. River was HIGH and Dirty ...

2 hours with not even a tap :shock:

Day 69 3/9/09

Fished the Chicago river again water still very high but clear. No sightings i fished bass And panfish :cry:

the water should settle down.. tomorrow maybe some bassin :mrgreen: if not i may settle for carp just to keep the skunk low.. So far this season After the first 5 the skunks aren't bothering me, Plus Since the goal is fishing everyday it's the fish count I'm focused on :mrgreen: although... it sucks when you blow through your whole arsenal without a bite :cry: :shock:

And with even more rain...

I'm expecting the fish to move shallower but... I need the rain to settle. High water in a river system :shock: that water is a flowin fast !!

need to hit some points And bends along the river :mrgreen:

Sorry haven't been on in a few days... things have been hectic. :mrgreen:

Seeya tomorow.

HOLY S :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: T Tomorow
IS Actually Day 70 !! :shock:

[email protected]

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yeah, i've had no luck for bass on these 40 degree-ish days. but, keep pluggin' away i guess. it sure it raining a lot. :cry:

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