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Day: 72 Straight
Date: - 03/12/09

Temp: 23
Feels Like: 17
Wind: ENE 5 MPH
Sky: Mostly Cloudy
Water: High
Water color: Clear
B. Pressure: 30.60
Fish Caught: 19
09 Fish Count: 200

.. Today Neil and I fished the North Branch section of the river. Now not only Is this one of the most urban fishing environments one would ever fish It's Definitely Sure to produce As long as you can find them. I started working bass Casting heavy jigs in the 3.8oz Range to 1 oz Range. I fished Structure very thoroughly But was never able to hook up :cry: I also threw Spinner baits Slow rolling the bottom and also went as light as 1/8oz on the jig size for bass. After awhile I toss out the lip less Crank and snag into a Bluegill, After realizing where I accidentally snagged this suspended fish, I Darted for the Pan Fish set up and started Nailing the Crappie. I caught a Bag of 19 total Mixed with bluegill and crappie. The Fish accidentally snagged From the lip less Crank obviously isn't in my total Count. Definitely an even bigger idea for all of us anglers that spring is Definitely here!

Within a few weeks we'll all be catching fish at there most vulnerable time :shock: I ask that you catch and release any Fish with eggs, Especially Since we have more invasive species threatening are waterway then ever before. :mrgreen: also keep in mind your site specific regulations and always practice Selective harvest fishing. DON'T BE SELFISH! Keep some for the table, and release some for the future :mrgreen:


Here's some pictures :mrgreen: <;((><

-> GEO <-
[email protected]

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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