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Day: 85 Straight
Date: - 03/23/09-03/24/09-03/25/09

Temp: 46
Feels Like: 40
Wind: WSW 14MPH
Sky: Cloudy
Water: Low
Water color: Clear
B. Pressure: 29.81
Fish Caught: 3
09 Fish Count: 247

Day 83

That was Day 83.. Just two crappie. Couldn't find a bass :cry:

Day 84

Yesterday I got the big skunk... My brother James did land a nice crappie though :mrgreen:

It's hard to switch to any other species when i'm in this crazy bazz mood :x :x

Day 85

just a crappie.. Really windy and no bass :(

hopefully tomorrow's report will be better :mrgreen:

- Geo
[email protected]


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Are you about ready to hit the harbors yet? I think you could learn alot from prespawn through post starting now. I bet some big mommas are kinda staging in some areas witha deep to shallow transition and gonna feed heavy soon...

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FishinMatt said:
Way to go GEO. Some hot bassin is right around the corner.
Agreed Matt. Soon all of us will bathe in hawg slime! :lol:

Keep at it Geo! Great looking craps.
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