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Chippin away at Jason's Dec. 70 bass record baby!!! Went out yesterday afternoon and this morning. Subzero windchill. It was so cold that the hooks froze to my gloves. :shock:

Yesterday Dec. 5th, 2005, from 3 - 4:30. Got 9 7"-10" LM. Rig: ultra light - 4lb Vanish - #6 octopus hook - no weight on large fatheads. Also found a better place to park on Cosman Rd. About 1/3 the distance to discharge. Nice when it's subzero windchill.

Today, Dec. 6th, 2005, from 8-9:45. With gentle 5-10mph west winds and morning hunger the bite was on. On same rig nailed 17 bass most in the 8-9 inch range with a few between 10"- 12". Overall a great day of Bassin in December. OMG it was cold this morning. New boots and a ski mask are in order. Hinted to the women today and sneaked in a REI catalog for good measure.

Total for December so far:
12/3 = 8
12/5 = 9
12/6 = 17
Total = 34

Only 37 more to go! Booyah!

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it's willma and thanks for thinkin of us girls but x-mas has me broker than broke :roll: you go girl!!! at that rate it's gonna be a blowout, try not to lose any fingers out there, wish i could get out for some browns, tomorow is my b-day :lol:
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