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Deep 9-23-06

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Fished Deep this morning with Bassman, heavy overcast 5-10mph s-sw winds .
Bassman landed 9 fish with his largest 16.5 and I landed 5 with my largest 16"
We used a variety of lures all over the lake,fish were scattered,picked up random fish all over the lake must have used 2 gallons of gas lol.
spinnerbaits,cranks & senkos.
highlight of the day was when bassman hooked into a 5lb + lmb and it shook off right at the boat as he was ready to lip it,that fish was huge.

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Looks like a good time. :D
Very hard day to fish I am sure with all the bad weather that has rolled through. You guys did well (2 gallons of gas) must have covered a lot of water. Glad you found some bass. Hate to lose them big ones at the boat :cry:

Good thing the tourny is next weekend :wink:

(your pictures have a boarder on the sides....get your thumbs out of the way :D ...J/K or is is used to make the bass look bigger...hehe)
As Augy and I were at Lake Arlington today I said "We shoulda gone to Deep Lake"!

Nice job Dean and Aris. At least you got on some nice fish.

By the way... Sunday evening I will be posting the "rules" (I hate rules) regarding our tournament next week. Of course, some will be happy, some not, but it's all about good fun.
lol,the borders r caused by the stupid case. I miss my old phone.
Those are his chubby little fingers......LOL
Good Job guys too bad on the loss at the boat....well at least you got to fight him, always nice to get a pic of a big piggy tho. :(
nice job fellas. hope the weather will be stable this week for an excellent outing this sat.
did u guys get anything at arlington ?
is that lake any good ?
i`d like to fish it sometime.
i picked up one 13" on a shaw senko imitation. another guy was picking up one after another with minus 1 cranks. supposedly you can fish til 11pm so i'll be hittin it more often in the future. nice little lake.
Hey nice job guys, lol pre-fishing for the Deep Lake classic huh??? heh heh

Yeah, I don't think I can make it out to Deep this weekend (it's this weekend right?) but wish you guys all good luck and hope you guys have a good time!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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