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This forum is really getting me pumped up for Spring. Thanks for adding it Jay. I'll add to what Mike shared and show some of my favorite Deep Lake fish from the last season. When in tournament mode I often fail to remember to take pictures, but here is my best from a day last July when Yami Master and I decided to do some fun fishing.

4 lbs 8 ounces, caught on 4lb test.

3+lber that sealed overall win and big fish for June tourney

4lb+fish, big fish for May tourney

A few more from the winning May tourney

I cannot wait to get back out to Deep with you all for another fun season :D

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6lb3oz caught on a weededge with a 7.5" rubber worm, my biggest Deep Lake Bass.

My sons biggest Bass to date 3.2lbs he caught on a senko :)
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