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Deep Lake 5/9

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Hit up Deep Lake with svslider. Fished from 3 - sunset. Fishing was slooow. Not a whole lot going on. We ended the day with a grand total of 3 bass boated. Svslider with 2, and I got 1. Some bass are on their beds. We saw quite a few beds. One bed had (guestimate) 3 lb male and a 5lb hawg female. Maybe it was bigger... water distorts the size on things.

Here's a quick recap -

1 bass on lipless crank

2 bass on spinner

Svslider brought his new toy - the thermometer. That thing was pretty slick. Warmest water we recorded was 61. Coldest was 52

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Well done guys!
uh oh now my fingerprint is on the internet :shock: (thats the prob on mplants pic) And Mike mustve edited that pic to make my fish look bigger. Stosh caught abig bass back at Jack and Lydias :lol:
svslider said:
uh oh now my fingerprint is on the internet :shock: (thats the prob on mplants pic) And Mike mustve edited that pic to make my fish look bigger. Stosh caught abig bass back at Jack and Lydias :lol:
oh yeah he did. he was very proud of it too :lol:
Atleast u got out today. And yeah those bedding bass are really big and it gets u pumped up to catch a hawg. They especially look big in crystal clear water.
We only saw 2 bass and they were really huge :shock: They were both right on top of the bed, which was made on a weed or tree root system. They werent acting spooked but still had no interest because they knew we were there.
nice dudes.. was nice to meeting you guys too.. didnt know that was slider with you.. ill report a little later when my friend emails me pics.. was an interesting day
Good goin guys :)
Nice job guys! I didn't realize that was you out there! We were out for about 3 hours and from what I saw most of the females "pulled out" a little. The biggest fish I saw shallow was around 4-4.5lbs. Lot's of males 12"-16". We caught fish shallow on beds, docks, and weed clumps and a couple out deep. I'm still looking for that big mama over 6 though....
Awesome outing, even though it was a little slow. Thanks for the photos and report guys.
Nice Job Guys!

BTW, Svslider... Kershaw Knifes are better!!! :lol: :mrgreen:
im buying a lot of custom knives lately but kershaws are pretty nice
I can cut through kershaw knives with a busse knife, and itll still shave hair :) My fishing knife is a 16 inch long spyderco hossum though :roll:
Guess what im looking on ebay for now mplant? outboard motors and trollers LOL
AND- Picture distortion aside, none of our fish were over 2 lbs :?
nothing wrong with my minn kota!

now the 1947 mercury 4 stroke i have... that's another story
Whats wrong with ur motor Mike ?
Culprit said:
Whats wrong with ur motor Mike ?
two main things -

1. fuel connector broke off. it still works, but there are times when i have to pump some gas to keep the flow moving.
2. the throttle is messed up on the handle. its locked in at one speed, which gets me moving probably at around 4mph tops. i can deal with it at deep lake because i'll save juice on the trolling motor, but i need to get it fixed up
I can fix that thing. Is it stuck on low or high? its just athrottle cable I think. And the fuel leak to the motor is either a connector problem or jb weld can seal it if its the motor. Or wrenching can make it into a 25 horse, just run it lean as possible until it melts :)
stuck on low. that's why we were ripping through deep lake at 4mph.
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