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Deep Lake Boat Launch Gate Key

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I just called the Village of Lake Villa and asked about how to obtain a launch ramp key... They told me since I am a non resident, I pay $100 and only get access to Sand and Miltmore... If I want the key for Deep I have to be a resident... Do any of you live in Lake Villa's township, where you could purchase a key that also gets access to Deep lake, where I could then reimburse you the entire amount? Plus I am also looking for more fishing partners during the summer months if that interests you... I have a 12.5 foot boat perfect for 2 people... Please let me know... Thanks... - BPM
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i was thinking the same thing man i just got a 16ft bass boat that i really would love to take out to deep but i cant launch it
Maybe they changed it. Last year I was told that I could launch at Deep but couldn't leave my truck/trailer there. I bet the key works there also.
Its cheeper to rent a boat from Jack If you already have a boat im gonna asume you have a motor
I too look for people to fish with in the summer. Being a teacher, I go a lot midweek. Shoot me a PM when you are looking for some company. I have a 17' tin bassboat. If you are getting the key, I got the boat. Good fishing
I know Deep lake is ok and all, but there are a lot of lakes 20 min north of there that are public access, most with no motor restrictions. Launch fees usually around $7-$13 per launch. :idea:
Basically you would be getting the Key from the "Deep Lake Association". It is basically a group of residence that circle the lake. They elect a new president and trustees every couple of years. Jack is a member though I'm not sure if he is still an officer. They determine who gets keys. My mother in law was a past trustee and is a long time lake front resident. They don't give keys out to just anyone. Though we suspect it is becoming easier to get.

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