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Deep Lake Fall Classic 2006 results

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Our first official "tournament" at WCF. In summary, awesome time - mixed results.

Eight people total in 4 boats. We all threw in 20 bucks and the prize went to the two biggest fish (largemouth bass/length) with a 60/40 split. After much online discussion for the rules, we worked this out right at launch (very cool).

The winners were Aris (Culprit) with a 17.5" largemouth bass and Tony (#1cubsfan) with a 15.5" largemouth bass.

Lots of hits and misses today. We fished from 6:45am-1pm. Mostly cloudy conditions with temps in the lower 50's most of the morning with west winds about 10mph.

There really wasn't a "magic" bait today as several different baits drew hits, but none with any consistancy. I did manage a 24" northern pike on a Senko all the way to the boat and out of the water until he spit the hook upon landing.

I think we all got a total of 9 bass - very poor results for Deep Lake, but again the conditions were not at all favorable.

Props to EVERYONE who participated as we did indeed have a real nice time. It was fun fishing for a few bucks on the line.

Very nice to meet Glen, BassManforLife (Dean), and his friend Phil. We enjoyed a few drinks at Jack's bar afterwards then went to Aris' restaurant in McHenry for some much needed and delicious italian beef sandwhiches. Thank you Aris! That was great stuff!

Almost didn't make it because of car trouble, but it wound up being nothing and had an AWESOME time!

I really appreciate everyone coming out and especially your kind words about WCF. It's days like THIS that make it all worth it.
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It was really nice meeting all you guy's. I had a blast our boat lost a few Fish but it was still better than being at work....LOL Thank's Aris for the good Food can never get enough of those Gyros. It was finnaly nice to put some faces with those post's. Hope we all can do it again
Congratz to Aris and Tony for top honors in the 1st WCF tourny.(Check out the coulds in the back round of that pic or Aris and the Winning Bass)

Nice to meet every one again at the best place to fish..........Deep Lake(though it was a tough day for everyone still worth the trip every time).

Aris thanks for the beef sandwich & the hit the spot .

tough day to fish indeed. only managed one 13" bass but the competitive energy was a great experience. fishing deep lake is always a good time regardless how many fish we catch.

congrats to aris and tony as our first wcf tourney winners.
Hope everyone had as great a time as I did.
Sure was fun fishing with all u guys !
Like Augy said the competitive jiuces were flowing.
My bass was caught on a 4" junebug yum dinger and Glens was caught on a firetiger spinnerbait.
Hope everyone enjoyed the food.

Glad you guys had a good time! Wish I could've joined but I had to work.

Anyway, I think I may head up there next weekend and I was wondering how deep these fish were caught. Thanks for any info.
Congrats on the succesful outing. At least the fishing was tough for everyone. It must of made things interesting coming back in wondering what everyone had.
yup! i caught a 13 incher and was thinking i could take the whole thing. LOL

sean (sculpin), good to see you've finally made it aboard dude! surprisingly, the bass that i caught and the big one that aris caught were under docks, not deep at all. jason and i were thinking that they would be holding deeper and fished along the deep edges weeds and got zippo. they are everywhere and anywhere.

btw, aris, when does turnover usually happen at deep?
That sounded like a great time. It got my heart pumping and I wasn't even there. Congrats to all.
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