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Weather was very nice 60's light breeze

Ryan(winnesbasschamp)and I Fished from 8am to 2pm
(Thanks for taking me out on the new boat) :lol:

Nice day to be out on the lake. The bite was slow but we got a few nice ones.

Worked our way around the lake did not see many fish close to shore yet :cry:

Water was not that warm.

6 Bass
1 Pike (22incher)

Here are some pix's of the bigger bass

My 14 incher

Ryan's 20 Incher....Cotton Cordell rattle lure.

Second pig Ryan caught

I had to cut out but Ryan call 20min after I left and reported he nailed a monster 5# bass

Rat-l-traps and Cotton Cordell rattle lures. ripped through the weeds was the winning ticket today :lol:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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