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Deep Lake Fishing Report: 7-4-06

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Fished Deep Lake from 6am-noon; sunny; temps around 80, NE winds 5-10mph.

The early morning started off with great conditions - water was completely calm and Augy got on a longnose gar with a Rapala Skitter Prop along the west shore. Freaky as hell! But Augy was very brave in handling the fish :shock:. The fish was about 35 inches. Soon after he got a decent 12" largemouth bass.

Then around 7:15am the conditions changed - the humidity went away and a northeast breeze kicked in. That basically shut the fish down. I caught a... well, let's just say I did not get skunked. The pictures tell the story...

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Nice Gar Augy! that thing is cool lookin' Jason lol! I guess it was your turn to get the lil one.

I am curious if this is the same deep lake that my dad took me too about 20 yrs ago. The ole fart doesnt remember where we went and I was too small to remember.
Jason, I hope that hawg did not end up in your bucket :p :D
Wow, that's the first gar I've ever seen pulled out of the water. Garrrreate fish! Sorry, I couldn't resist :wink:
Now for the truth...both of us were freaked out. Luckily the gar struggled in the net and the lure popped free. Phew! When you can see the hundreds of sharp needle teeth when it's mouth is CLOSED, is enough to turn two grown men into little girls. It was filled with piss and vinegar (as Jason terms it) and I wasn't about to reach down and try to hold this thing for a picture just yet. Jason was kind enough to literally give me the shirt off his back to pretty much blindfold this thing so I could get a hold of this torpedo. Once the fish settled down a bit I held it up for a quick pic and she was back in the water. Hey Jay, give me that shirt and I'll dry clean it for ya. :D It sure was great to get on a rare fish. Hope to get out there again real soon.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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