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Deep Lake Fishing Report: 8-5-06

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Temps in the 70's-80's, calm winds, high clouds/sun, fished from 5:45am-12:30pm.

Great WCF outing! It was me, Augy, RichM, Culprit (Aris), BassCaster (Mike), #1cubsfan (Tony), krnfishboy (Tim), edai (Eric), and some of their friends.

I'm not sure how exactly how many fish Tim and Eric got, but between the 3 boats with the rest of us, we caught 35+ largemouth bass. The best were 16"-18.5". Rich caught 10 bass all on 4" red Senko's. That seemed to be the magic bait of the day. Aris caught a bunch of bass on Pop'R's, Mike got some on Slug-go's and a frog. I only managed 2 bass on red Senko's, then I ran out of red Senko's and couldn't get them interested in any other colors!

All in all, it was a very good and productive day of fishing on Deep Lake.

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Great outing guys! Those Senko's were like gold today.

Hey Jason, why do you always use the pictures of me where I look constipated? I look like trying to pinch one out in that second picture dude.

Nice looking fish, guys. Wish I could have been there.
great day to be out today perfect fishing weather. :D
It was nice to see everyone again and meet new people.
thanks for the motor culprit, it came in very handy i couldn't
imagine what it would be like to row across the lake. Wait a minute I
do we ran out of gas on the last take off. :cry: All is cool though
we just had to man up and row that sucker across the lake. We were cruising at one point i wanted to jump out and water ski :wink: I managed two bass (16.5" - 9.0") and mike landed six biggest being 16.5" also. Mike threw out a double slug-go rig right after i stopped rowing earlier in the morning and first cast wham!!!! :shock: he hit a brick wall, well what felt like a brick wall to him but was a huge northern pike that snapped his line in about 3 seconds. Nice rig though first time i ever saw that, did you have big slug-go chasing the smaller one. Well anyways here is my only pic of the day.
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Nice job guys! I need to get up there one of these days.
Wow, nice job guys. 35+ fish?? Where were they all at?? lol.. Me and Edai caught two a piece all w/in the first hour of fishing (Darker senkos, fished on the south end of the lake). A couple of my buds pulled out a few smaller guys down there as well. After pulling an all-nighter and leaving Urbana-Champaign by car at around 1:00am, I got back to chicago at 3:30am and and somehow managed to make it out to Deep by 6:00. We only fished till about 11 (rowing is 100x harder w/o sleep... lol), but I wish I had slept the night before cuz the weather so awesome for fishing. I wanted ta get out there earlier too cuz I wanted ta' meet some of you guys, but there's always next time.

Eric w/ a skinny but long 17"er

Eric again w/ a really nice 16.5"er

Me w/ a 14-15 incher caught off those lily pads by the shoreline.

When I say "senko" in this post, we pretty much meant "Stick-O." We fished trying the Bass Pro Shop's senko-imitation, and they seemed to work just fine. I'm glad to have found a cheaper alternative to fishing these baits, I of course still love the real senkos the best though...

Hope to see you guys out on the water again.
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Great outing guys!
Glad everyone hooked into some nice fish.
Augy and I landed 16 fish,me with 11 and Augy with 5.
All of mine were caught with a 1/4 oz rebel pop r except for 1 which was on a texas rigged culprit worm with my biggest being 16.5".
Augy`s were all on skitter props with his biggest being 18.5.

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Man, nice job guys!
lol, Aris you can't seem to get away from that Pop-R of yours can you? ahhha.. and Augy, that big'un of yours is a beast. Wish I had taken the time to fish some topwater too. Maybe I'll bump into ya guys at the Glen this week.
man i wish i could have made it but last night my motor on my car blew so i dont have a car for the time being :evil:
Fun time for sure. Nice to meet everyone. When is the next outing ? My 15" was on a SPRO PRO Bronzeye Frog(green). 4 were on greenpumpkin 'red' flake senko's wacky rigged (anything senko with red was winner) 1 on a redone double slug-go. He hit the front gold 3" slug-go. As for the huge pike he won that battle hands down. I felt the bite went to set the hook and he went to set me in the water he hit back very hard. He turned his head snapped the 8lb line like a little twig. Great weather and Aris thanks for the motor. Tony remember 1/2 that big bass was mine since I redirected your line when casting and caught your line :lol: Can't wait for the next trip. Next week right Augy?
Mike & Tony no problem bout the motor,anything for making ur fishing experience more enjoyable.
Mike thanks for the beer it was cool meeting you,maybe I`ll catch u out on axehead some afternoon :D
Some nice Fish Guy's looks like I missed a great outing hope to get out there before the end of the year
Good times indeed my friends! It's always more fun to fish in a group. Especially with cool kats like we have here on WCF.

Aris was slayin em with that pop'r. Topwater action was fantastic. Aris and I caught a couple right off the bat as we were making our way to our starting spot. We had some motor issues so I started casting and landed a small bass right away. Saw surface commotion so Aris tossed out his pop'r and bingo and nice 16.5. Should of stayed in the area and worked more topwater but decided to head over to our starting spot and stick to the plan.

Got to our spot and fish after fish after fish all on topwater. Love it!!!

Great outing guys, you guys sure made it fun.

Aris, thanks for driving and bringing your motors.

Mike, if you wanna head out again come sat., you got my number. I'd be up for some more bassin at deep. thanks for the brew. don't you just love that men's bathroom. i told you it's the best place in all of resort. :mrgreen:
Nice Job Guys! Looked like an awesome time!
That lake those really hold some nice fish. I really like the pictures from this outing and the fish are nice too. :D
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