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Deep Lake inside info

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After our sad trip last weekend my friend Bill and I had a few cold ones
at the bar and the bartender said this year has been very very slow.

He pointed out that the tournaments last year had 20 boats and 100 fish caught. This year it was much less than half of the 100 from last year...of course the day they fished counts for much of that, but he did say that it's just been slower. OR on the other hand maybe people are just not heading over to the bar after a good day....:lol: He said that bar gets about the same clients each weekend.
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I was at the tournament this year,I believe there were only 12 bass caught.
Since we been doing the wcf outings its been real good.
That would be much less than 1/2 :wink: but it's all about the day and the weather...there have been some good outings for sure(except last week :cry: ) but it did rain the night before which is never a good thing.

Just goes to show ya that bass are tricky fish....

Sure don't know how the pro's deal with the weather changes....hey they
have fish FINDERS that sure must add that to the rules
are fish finders allowed..(let me run out and get one..ya in a 14" color LCD hook it to a lap top ...ya that's the ticket) :shock:
There are SO many factors when it some to catching fish.

I think there are several reasons Deep Lake is one of the best bass lakes in the area...

No shoreline buckethead fisherman

Not half the fishing pressure of the mighty nearby Fox Chain

"Real" fishermen at Deep Lake, most of whom respect fishing regulations and catch-and-release

It's a natural lake with some fantastic structure and good forage base

All that being said, I don't think this year is any slower than previous years. Like Aris said, the WCF outings have been pretty darned good.

Also, tournament fishermen usually target active fish with fast moving baits for quick results, as they are fishing for a monetary prize. Most of us at WCF are finesse fishermen who really love Senko's and similar baits. We don't have the pressure of winning money, we just want the fish and that allows us to be more patient.
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Sounds like we should go for the big year

A great line from the movie "Bobby Jones for the love of the game" comes to mind

"Money is going to ruin sports."
and watching the Little League World Series seem to hold true

but then again it's fun to compete

balance just all about balance...
Let me set the record staright for that turnament There were 7 fish caught and one of the is in my avitar it was a rough day of fishing
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