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kayakrich said:

No, I didn't mention my watch to Jack. He still wants to know why my nickname is Kayak Rich (he's never seen the kayak).

By the way, I caught my one and only bass Saturday morning during the peak fishing time (four fish rating) on my watch. It was 11:45 AM.

My friend Roger caught his about an hour later, peak time also.

Bluegill didn't seem to care if it was a peak time for fishing, they just bit anyway.

It would seem bass have the same watch as I do. But the bluegill don't seem to have the same watch. They bite all the time.
If you look at the instruction manual I think it says that it only applies to fish that matter, therefore, the bluegills are being defiant and biting all the time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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