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Deep Lake outing 8-19-206

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I am going with a friend 5:00am we will be at the doc


Any one else up for some bass fishing at one of the best
places to catch some bass? Summer is drawing to a close let's get Augy's 6lb bass before he does.....
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I am going to check them out tonight. He said only one is running.
So we may have to rent. UNLESS a nice WCF member would lend us one :D maybe at 1/2 price or a cold 12 pack???
if you do, i'll just have to catch a 7lber. :wink: good luck guys! sorry i can't make it.
Good luck guys! I hope you catch that 6 lber.
Tony won't know what to do if you guys start out with a motor that actually runs!!
u guys can borrow 1 of mine just let me know.
Thanks Aris.... Bud or Bud light ?(or something else :D )

I am heading over to check out my friend's motor but call call my cell 312 636 9220 and I'll head over and pickk it up.

I hope the rain holds off or just blows through tonight.

We have room your welcome to join in :D

Tony........ we can do 3 in the boat or add one more and have 2 boats
and you can use the motor...

left me know give me a call
I`d love to join u guys but I`m busy this weekend.

goodluck on the 6lber !
Good luck guys. Deep Lake seem to be producing some quality fish for WCF!!!
With the rain the night before and a strong north wind we only managed 2 bass (Tony caught both)

Lots of hits and lots of misses on the day. We all had fish on the line but lost them. Tough Day !!!!! :(

We looked around and came to realize that for most of the day
we and only one other boat were giving it a go. On one pass by we asked how they were doing and they were having the same small numbers of small bass.

So the old theory that after a cold front moves through the bite decreases looks to be holding true to form.

There is always Next Time !!!
better than not fishing at all right? next time will be better. :mrgreen:
Better luck next time guys,thats all.
There's always next time. I'm sure it was nice just to be out.
it was fun...... we gave it our ALL that's for sure from just off the weeds to deep into the weeds and even trying the deep water with some crank baits and spinner baits just off the point. we through ever bait in the box. We for sure tried to catch some bass.. I did get the chance try a new motor (1964 Johnson Sea Horse....3HP I got the night before and worked on it until midnight to get it running...worked out ok!!!!(it got us around with 3 big guys in the boat for a 3 HP) online today and found some good info on tuning the motor and again worked on it today. Now it's running 100% better. So all in all it was a good day (Bill and Tony may not feel the same) :lol: HEY we did not have to row all day..... :oops: but getting sunked (for me and Bill)at Deep is always a tough day
hey mike,whats the site to find info about vintage johnsons
like, if i have the serial # to find out what year it was.
nevermind I found it.

What one did you find. I used this one
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