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Deep Lake Outing for 11/4/2006

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Weather permitting how about one last go at Deep Lake

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It may be a good time of the year to try for some toothy critters :D
I'm working that day. :(
i'm in. screw it, i'm using live bait! gonna bring a smorgesborgh (sp?) of minnows, roaches, shiners, worms, cheese, corn, chicken livers (jason's favorite), naked pictures of jessica simpson, whatever that will attract the fish.
November on Deep Lake can be a BITCH boys! Been there, done that... and haven't done it since.

Now this does not mean we can't catch some fish. I think, as Augy suggests - all baits allowed. And from experience, to make it more fun, I say ALL SPECIES allowed.

This could be fun - kinda a "junk" fishing tournament to end the open water season. We can either go by total weight or total number of fish.

Your thoughts...??
Lets just fish for fun the way anybody wants too for any species.

But again I`m open for anything.

No can do....

Can't go out until thanksgivin time,
If there's no ice... Aris you said you'd still go right?????? lol

Catch me a fall big'un...
Me and Aris have been there in late November
Need to hit the local lake before they pull the drain plug so I am out.
As long as theres open water Tim,we`re going ! lol. :)
So who is in?

I am going rain or shine

(Getting divorced, just caught wife with another man... blah, blah , fuck&* lawyers all last week)

I need a day on the lake.

Beers on me
sorry to hear Mike

I`m in
to help u drown ur sorrows buddy
Thanks Aris

Sure hope I don't get skunked that would just add insult to the injury :lol:
If u dont mind I`d like to fish with u on saturday mike.unless u already have a partner. let me know.
Sounds good to me ...may just be us anyway giving the Deep Lake one last shot. It should be some good fall fishing...
spinnerbaits and crankbaits along shoreline cover or any deep weeds if theres any left maybe check the deeper holes for tight schooling fish ?
in the words of Al Lindner jerkbaits r to smallmouths as spinnerbaits r to largemouths they`ll hit them all year round. lol.
but then again I know ur that #196 senko kind of guy lol.
Culprit said:
In the words of Al Lindner jerkbaits r to smallmouths as spinnerbaits r to largemouths they`ll hit them all year round. lol.
what color?...i may have to run to Dick's :lol: and stock up :wink:
If you know what I rood and reel sure sounds good also....
white,chartreuse spinnerbaits-shad natural color cranks white,silver

lol I know what u mean , a new rod n reel always makes me feel better !

since u already have a viento a nice g.loomis with a fuego sounds good lol!
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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