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Deep outing again this Sat. August 5th.

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Let's do this again! Who's in? Forecast calls for mid 80's with some clouds. If this holds up, we could have an ideal day of fishing. :mrgreen:
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maybe? i have to be at wrok at 3:30, and ill talk to my dad and see if he wants to come
i would but i'll be in WI egg harbor good luck guys
I have to stay local, I got a family party in the city in the afternoon. :cry: I want to get together on one of these outings sometime, you all seem like a good group of guys.
Hey Augy, I'm 80% in -- might still be outta town.
I too would love to get together but have committment this week again. Bring back a good report!
U know it , I`m in !
how much is boat rentals here, i dont need a motor i have a 6horse i just ned to know so i cant alk to my dad
$15 all day
I'm in.
I would love to go, but unfortunately I have to work this Saturday :( . It looks like you guys had a good outing there this past weekend. I still haven't fished Deep Lake yet.
probably 6am to about noonish. but if the fishing is on, then i wouldn't mind staying out all day.

jason and i were talking about pre-paying for the boat so they would have it ready for launch the night before and we can launch predawn.

jay, you got their phone number?
Right on, Cousin! I'm gonna call them and see if we can get on the water at 5am. Details coming soon.
So that's...


and maybes


anybody esle????
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Sounds like 2 boats so far. I might be able to bring a trolling motor. My wife bought one cheap at a garage sale. I need to test it to see if it even works. If it does, I'll pick up a battery for it and bring it along. Jason, do you have one already?

I have 2 gas motors and 1 trolling motor to bring.
no paddling for us! yipeeeeee! :mrgreen: i'm so ready man! i watched the In-Fishermen advanced bass video Culprit lent me 3 times and I'm off the Dick's to pick up my arsenal of big bass baits. i'm feelin a 6 lber in the boat!!! weather looks primo. overcast and in the mid to hi 80's.
I'm ready! Rich... I don't have a battery. But if Culprit (Aris) brings both his motors, we're good to go.
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