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Delavan 07-06 07-08

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Got out two times this week with the first being monday afternoon from 330 till 830 . Thought with the lite winds forewcasted we would dod a little bass fishing followed by som evening topwater pike action. Arived to 15-20 mph winds :roll: , dam weatherman. With hardley anywhere to hide we had to anchor and work piers for the most part, a silly way to fish but proverd lucky as we found a few piers that held numerous bass with 1 pier giving up 13 alone in 2 different times there. Total for the day was 25 bass with Larry taking high honers with a 4.13 pig.. Funny how things work out some times. Got back out Wedenday with Larry looking for some pike on topwaters we had a very slow begining with a just a few misses from 530 till 8 at that time went for bass again and managed 22 for the day working 4inch plastics as we did just like monday. Between the bass we found alot of pike down at the far end of the lake we manged 9 i believe but that was out of 25 hits ...... we were definitly a little rusty with our buzzbaits. In the 2 days we never fished deeper that 7 feet.. Wensday was one of those days you dream about for Delavan lite winds, cloudy , and no traffic whatsoever. I learned to work seawalls and piers thoroughly woulds have never believed i1 area could hold so many bass. Highlite for me was the 18 inch smallie who did 3 jumps for me. Pike were all under 30 inches with 2 bigger ones taking Larry new buzzbaits home with them.[
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Great job out there guys ! :shock:
those were some beautiful fish guys great job
Awesome pics man.. love the pike and bass!! 8)
I know, no matter what, that when I open one of your reports I can be guaranteed that I will see some healthy looking fish! :wink:

Great job as usual, keep it up!
Wonderful! Those are some nice pics. Youre making me jealous with all this weekday fishing.
Awesome report, Those are some nice fish!!! :D
Nice outing with some really decent fish there!! Thanks.
Those are some great looking fish guys! Thanks for sharing.
Good job out there guys. Those are some nice looking fish!!!
Very nice fish... wow makes me want to get out there!
sweet fish. you guys always catch some quality fish
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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