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Delavan 5/15

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Coyote and I hit the Big D at about 6:00 this morning. With the wacky weather of the last week or so, we did not quite know what to expect. Our first spot started of with a bang, as I quickly hooked a large smallie on a spinnerbait. As Coyote watched me give the hawg a gentlemen's release :oops: , he had a monster blow up on his spinnerbait at the boat but did not stick it. So we are there 3 minutes and are 0 for 2 with both fish probably being over 4 pounds. I switch to an X-Rap that gets hit on the first cast but the fish shakes loose before I can see it. After a few more casts I switch to another color and it is hammered the first cast, another hawg smallie goes airborne, and another X-Rap gets thrown back to the boat :evil: A few moments later Coyote hooks a very large, pissed off pike that goes ballistic at the boat and once again goes free. And for the grand finale, a few seconds later my $17 Luckycraft Pointer falls victim to an unknown, presumably large assailent. That was our first 20 minutes folks. So much for good karma. But as they say, persistance pays off, and we somehow actually got one to stay hooked and pose for a picture.

I was so ashamed I had to hide my face :p

We then moved around to some other spots and discovered that all the spawning beds and shallow cruising fish were gone. Presumably the water in the harbors and channels was colder then the main lake. We decided to go deeper and managed to pick up a pike here, and a bass there. Finally before lunch, we broke onto a pattern. The males were staging on the flats in about 4-6 feet of water. After a couple of burgers and drinks at the InBetween, we put it to the test and it payed off. 15 minutes into it, we had 5 bass and a pike and we rolled from there. BTW, the ONLY bait they would touch was a X-Rap. Most were caught on the perch pattern, and a few on clown.

Here is the average size males we were catching

Not too many slimeballs were hitting today

Early in the afternoon the water started to heat up and the sows started coming in

We ended the day where we started and went 2 for 2, both nice females

Grand Finale

I believe the totals for the day was 16 bass and 6 pike. We missed our share, but got hot in the end. Hopefully the weather will stabilize soon and bring our Spring back. My buzzbaits are in dire need of some exercise ;)
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Great report, Matt! I'm glad to see that you made up for the bad start and finished strong :)
Dude, that smallie in the first pic is HUGE!!! :shock: :shock:
Augy, I have not got one under 18'' there yet this year!!! We did not measure it, but it was somewhere b/w 18-20''. This one was spawned out, or a large male so it was skinny as heck. Probably no bigger then 3lbs. The ones we lost were all females, all well over 4lbs, so this guy was our consolation prize :p Ughh, I can still picture the belly of first one I lost.....HUGE!!!!! Better to love and lost, then to never have loved at all though :p
Where is Delevan again?? Jiminy crickets, I gotta get out there. Is the lake workable from a canoe??
Holy buffalo biscuits, Matt!!! Should I just GIVE you I'm not worthy! :?
JasonN said:
Holy buffalo biscuits, Matt!!! Should I just GIVE you I'm not worthy! :?
I don't think I would go that far Jason, but thanks for the compliment :D I put in some heavy hours on this lake last year, and it is finally paying off. I fished this lake almost every Monday, May through October, and had my share of bad days. I would read reports of guys catching 30-40 bass in a day and I would be on the water all day and get only 1 or 2. Fortunately this year I have been able to put a pattern on them so far, but I know the next time I go out the fishing will probably be totally different and I will have to try to adapt again. Some of you expressed interest in going up there, and I will address it on that particular thread and help you the best I can.
Matt, what size X-rap were you using? The 8 or the 10?
I forget the size numbes, but they are the standard size that came out last year, that used to be the only size available. Not the new small ones, or the jumbo pike/musky versions that came out this year.
Those would be the 10's. Thanks a lot. I plan on going up to Door County next weekend and want to try for some smallies.
i have that same exact x rap i love the action on it, im gona be using that when i go to my cousins cabin on ham lake in northern wisconsin, you cant go there without catching a fish its like impossible, tons of northerns all you need is a spoon. But this year im hunting for big bass, im going June31-to july 7 so i will have tons of pics i cant wait :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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