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Mops7 was my copilot. as we hit the Big D on Monday and Tuesday. Coyote was on the lake early and gave us a great report, so we were excited when we finally launched in the late morning. A few minutes into into it and things were looking good with 2 nice fish on the X-Rap. WE also got a decent pike mixed in with the bass.

Numero Uno


After losing an X-Rap to another large, toothy, unseen assailant we headed back into the marina to see what was shaking. Lots of fish moving around and we got 2.

This one was photogenic

We moved around a bit and got a couple of snakes until finally getting another bass working a spinnerbait over the shallow end of a steep dropoff.

Mops7 started slow, but he finished strong

I also hit one right before we called it quits

We watched some playoff basketball at the Lodge (the Mavs/Spurs was a heck of a game :)6 ) and got a few hours sleep before getting on the water around 6.

Don't they ever get sick of the X-Rap?

I guess not :-?

We then tried an area for some buzzbait pike. Too early for the pike, but not this guy

By this time the sun was getting higher and the wind was minimal, so we headed deeper and tried some suckers over the side. The first spot, Mops7 gets stripped and after awhile we moved along. Mops broke through with his first sucker pike at the next spot (Mops has the pic) and at the spot after that, I have a really nice fish on that bit off my 30lb. Fireline after a 10 second tug of war.

By around 11 we were both beat, but made a few casts on the way in which netted us a couple eyes

We were so tired, neither one of us realized this fish was tagged when we caught it. Kinda cool :)2

To summarize, we caught some quality fish, but really worked for them. We saw hundreds of bass, but most were not interested. We also saw a good amount of pike, and even a small musky laying in the weeds, but they were not active. Kinda inbetween bites I suppose, but a great time none-the-less ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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