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Delavan 9/26-27

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I was planning on just going tommorrow but the shift in weather has changed my mind. I am going to try to get out this afternoon and the next morning. With the rain coming and the winds turning it should turn them on. I spent too much money the other day at Gander stocking up, so I should put it to use, right? Full report upon return as always :wink:
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Yeah, it is a bummer about the weather. I've got Wednesdays off and it's not looking like a fishing day tomorrow. :cry:
Yeah, it is a bummer about the weather. I've got Wednesdays off and it's not looking like a fishing day tomorrow. :cry:
After a slight trailer mishap and trip to Lowes to fix I was on the water around 2. My first pass from the red-hot area of last week told me this week would be different. After a drift without even a follow I trolled the SSRap back through the deepweedline and broke the :skunk:

The next pass I caught another snake and figured it was time for a drink and burger at the In-between. After that I hit the weedlines again and pulled out 2 more snakes and missed a few as well.

After a wonderful nights sleep in the back of Burban I awoke to wind and rain. I finally was on the water at 8A and was disapointed to find the fish still were not moving. I caught 2 snakes then figured I might as well go down swinging and I moved to some different areas. My first spot had a 30'' smack a Hot-Head boatside but after a headshake at the boat she was off. I moved to the North side and had a hot follow from a nice fish and finally connected down the shore a bit.

A panfisherman had moved directly in my path and anchored 3 timesin front of me so out of frustration I finally decided to bug out. He made a comment when I was passing about how he was following me and lets just say I was not amused. It is a big lake.

With some nasty looking clouds rolling in I decided to give Plan A one more chance before heading over to my Moms for dinner. Good move as the fish were on. 9 pike and a bass came in a little over an hour. The bass and some of the pike were on a sucker pattern SSRap and the rest of the pike were on a 7'' Polish Pike.

Still no size, although I had a mid 30's swing and miss at the Polish Pike boatside.

Typical Delavan football. These guys will hit big baits in the Fall.

Mid and upper 20's seemed to be around the max for me but action is action I guess. If I had another hour or so I would of had an excellent chance at a Hawg.

I probably will not be back next week, but hopefully October will give a few chances.
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Nice fish Matt !!!e
Nice fish Matt. Thanks for the report! :D
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