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delavan outing

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anyone feel like heading out to delavan this weekend never been there before but want to go bad after seeing all those pics. anyone have directions from chicago. Do they have boat rentals or is there available shore fishing?
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You know what Tony... We might have to seriously think about doing that. I'll know my schedule better in the next couple of days.
I wish I could go up there and play guide, but I have a Lake Michigan trip Sunday, and honestly I rarely fish it on weekends. Mondays are still a zoo, but they normally see only half the weekend pressure. The few Sundays that I went, I have had to wait forever to unload and load my boat, and I am usually at the launch b/w 4:30-5AM :? There is shore fishing on a long **** that runs next to the boat launch. You can park at the launch for free if you don't have a boat. The castable water is shallow, probably a max of 3 feet, and weedy, but there are fish in there if the conditions are right. If I shore fished it I would run a large spinnerbait over the top of the water column on the channel side of the ****. Senkos or other slop baits would work as well. There is a boat rental right off of Highway 50, about 5 miles from the lake. I don't know the name of the shop, but will try to find out. They rent boats very reasonable and will drop and pick up the boat at the launch for you. If you make it out in a boat, there is almost no bad place to fish, but remember if the bass are shallow, they will probably already seen a couple dozen presentations by 10AM. It does not always pay to fish were the flocks of boats are. If I ever have a free seat in my boat for a Monday, I will post it here, but as of know I am kind of backed up with people and I have not even taken my fiance out yet, so it may be a little later this Summer. A few people have even offered to pay me, but again, a couple good trips does not make a guide. The lake is VERY DUE to humble me. Hopefully it won't be my next trip :p Any more questions, just fire away. Almost forgot, if you do not get a boat, or the shore fishing is not hot at Delavan, there are also municipal piers around Lake Geneva. I believe they are in downtown Lake Geneva and Fontana. Lots of good reports for large perch, rock bass, and small and largemouth bass coming from the public docks too, so you could also try if you wanted too.
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