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Delavan quickie 05-08

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Fished with Larry today from 515 till 1145. Morning started ok with Larry picking off a few Bass on rattletraps. Went thru a lull for a few hours before i landed a keeper on a black spinnerbait. threw jerkbates for 30 minutes without a hit. Decided with the warmup plastics might be in order and after a quick call to the Bass doctor Fishin Matt to get our confidence going we spent from 1030 till 1130 picking off 20 bass, all between 3 and 4 pounds. Docks were the key . Larry was using a plain hook with a big juicy crawler thrown under the piers , not exactly finnese but it still worked. Larry had to be home by 2pm and it sure hurt to leave when we were in such a good window..... next time Larry will be taking a taxi back home :D [
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Awesome job guys! Looks like this warmer weather is starting to turn the fish on.
Nice fish boys !
hell ya
Nicely Done! I as well love the Bronzeback smallie!
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