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Delevan 6/21

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Fished from about 8pm to 4am, lates start because the trailer wiring was messed up. No real bites until after the moon came up about 12am, then the bite was on BIG time!

All in all between the 3 of us: 2 walleyes, 1 being 18" other being 23", 8 LMBS, smallest being 15" biggest pulling 22", and one SMB at 15" and one rock bass. Of course we caught a few northerns, 5 in all, none under 30".
The eyes and smb and a few lmbs and a few northerns were caught on a black chatter bait, rest were caught on big ole black spinner baits that my buddys made. Id say bout 1/2 chatter, 1/2 spinners. Tried buzzbaits for a while but couldnt get any action on those, buddy tried a jitterbug with the same results.

Was a great time, we were the only boat on the lake nice and quiet and the water was like glass.
Really seemed like the fish fought real hard at this lake compared to the others, and I learned to keep the net ready cause you never know what your going to catch there.

I think I have a new favorite lake! Only about 45 minutes away. Cant wait to get out there again.
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wowwww 8 pm to 4 am thats a long time
Good job out there Danno. Sounds like a fun time.
wow, Sounds like you had a great night on the water.
Sounds like a great way to spend the evening!
Thats a great trip Danno. I have only night fished the lake a few times, but if you head out again I have a few more spots that you might want to try, especially for da eyes.
Thanks everybody, it was really cool to catch such a mixed bag of fish out there.
Was really hoping to catch my first SMB, but alas, they managed to elude me once again.. Just like the wallys did for the longest time.

Matt, we moved around a bit, but we had the best luck on the east side of the lake about 3/4 of the way down. Working the weed edges and drop offs. We are actually going out on Thursday night to. Would love to get some hot spots off ya Matt, and some of the choice lures to use out there.

Good excuse for a vacation day on Friday!
Great report..

Only been there a few times but love that lake wish could get out there more...

Good Luck next time out.. Looking forward to your next report.
wow! :shock: thats awesome especially your bass results! how big do you think the 22incher was? CONGRATS! :shock:
The one night hotspot I hear about over and over is the outside weededge of Browns Channel which is on the South Shore. 6-8 feet of water with a slip bobber and leech just off the bottom produces walleyes and smallies at night. Besides that, both bridge areas are very popular for eyes at night as they are both dredged out and fairly deep. My last tip would be to work shallow stickbaits right outside the launch channel and in front of lake lawn. That is probably the most popular night spot and even the shore fishermen pull in a fair amount of eyes and pike doing this. Good luck out there. I think it is pretty badass that you are doing the night thing. Defintily an underated approach to that lake.
Grab yer camera next time you go out. Would love to see some of those babies.

I myself would love to hit that lake sometime. From Ottawa, a killer haul. At 4 bucks a gallon, an expensive one at Someday I will make it there though.

Great report and good luck next time. Be safe out there...
Thanks for the tips matt, just gotta figure out where browns channel is. Might have been there actually. The 22" was about 6lbs easily. Next trip I plan to take a ton of pics. Was busy helping land all of those fish, plus excited about all the action. Learned to always have that net ready! Now I know why you like going there Matt. Only like 26 miles from me... :)
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