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Des Plaines 8/14

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Decided to hit up the des plaines for the first time in a couple weeks. Took out a small John Boat with a trolling motor. Within two minutes got a small northern bout a foot and a half. About 15 minutes later got a small largemouth. Then I hooked into what i thought would be a huge bass but ended up being a nice channel cat. He swallowed my favorite rapala pretty good and had to bend my hooks to get it out.My fishing partner hooked into a big northern but as soon as it got close to the boat made a big flop and popped off. Great weather and a fun short trip. Saw a ton of bass and the fish seem to be very healthy and hard fighters. Going back saturday mourning.
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Nice job. Thanks for the report. I know what you mean about being "disappointed" when you think it is a bass and see it's a catfish. Good fishing.
Where did u fish when u caught the bass?
Between the 355 bridge and lemont bridge in lemont. River conditions look pretty good there right now. It really helps to have a boat to fish the logs on the far side. That seems to be were the fish are at.
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