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Des Plaines River 5/3

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:D Caught my first 06 northern pike in DesPlaines River Dam#1
The small pike only 22 inch weight 2LB,but had a nice fight with the fish
Use softbait on 8lb test line,Fish at 10:35am-10:50am before work.
My buddy also caught two largemouth 10" and 13" on spinnerbait.

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Not to sound ignorant, but where is dam #1?
You know what... I believe Dam#1 is up in Wheeling accross from Palwaukee airport.
Yes, Dam #1 is up across from Palwaukee. So are #'s 2 & 3 I think.
didn't even see this thread til now. Nice catch sky. where do you access the river? and where do you park. isn't there a forest preserve right around there?
Yes, Dam #1 is up in Wheeling across from the airport

Augy, Parking is aviliable in Woods Forest Preserve across Hintz/Milwaukee Rd next to the river.
is there a boat launch at Woods preserve?
no, i dont think there is, but there is a canoe launch down the road a ways off of milwaukee at (Greg or Gary something)??? forest preserve, across from the ??? hotel. Sorry, i looked up boat launches last summer and my memory has slipped a bit. But the only boat launches i found for the mighty dp are way, way south, nothing up around the nw burbs.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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