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Fished the DPR in 2 spots in Park Ridge from 6pm-7:45pm. Temps in the upper 50's; mixed sun and clouds; light winds.

Water was high and fast and stained. Tossed several baits for northern pike but nothing. No signs of any activity either.

They were in this area last November, not sure if they are now but i'm assuming they are. I'll keep trying.

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Seebass said:
I have a friend that has been fishing by the bridge at Euclid. Last Saturday he caught three with one around 25". Give it a try. I would, but I am to busy with the bass.
Dang, i was around that area the other day at like 6am, but i was fishing a bit south of dam #2, at least i think it was dam 2. next morning i can wake up im gonna hit up that bridge.
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