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Fished my "spot" in Park Ridge this evening from 6:45pm-8pm. Partly cloudy; temps in the low 70's; light NE winds.

Water was very low (or maybe normal - only been fishing it for less than a year), but that's when i've had my best success. Spinners, Shad Master, RaT-L-Traps did nothing. Moved down about a hundred yards to another good spot and tried a 5" Slug-go. Had 3 "hits", but it never took the bait. They were more than "pops", this was an ok fish. Then tied on a 10" power worm rigged weightless and worked it just beneath the surface. 3 more strikes but nothing to show for it.

No quick hook sets, the fish was just missing the damned thing. And just when it seemed like some more action was starting, the cops were closing up. So the skunk out there tonight.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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