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DesPlaines River Demster Dam

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Has anyone ever fished the demster dam on the desplains river off of campground rd. i drove by there today stoped for like 20 mins to get my line wet didn't get anything did see a local and he said he has caught bass there but i don't know if i would trust him bc he said he caught them on a worm just like mine but i had a spinner on soo
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Hey, watch who you dis bro :evil: Just kidding, it wasn't me, but I have fished there a few times and pulled a small northern out, thats it. I see people there all the time over the summer but never see anyone pulling anything other than their empty line.
thats too bad its a nice lil area i'm still trying to find a nice spot on the river for some shore fishing i don't want to travel to far north but that seems to be the area where ppl fish this river (at least thats what i have read on fishing forums)
Thanks Topwater
spots I've wanted to try are under and around the I90/Kennedy overpass. I think if you take a bike down the dirt trails along the river you go under the expressway. On the south side of that looks from the road at 60mph to be a decent spot that probably gets little action.
I actually stopped by that spot a couple of weeks ago and talked to a guy who was fishing. He went on and on about the "great" catfish and bluegill there. :?

I have heard of northern pike in the area as well as largemouth bass. And I DO think it would be a great spot to work for some gamefish. A lot of times though, there are a guys with 3 line out working nightcrawlers and drinking beer. No big deal to me, but like I say, i'd love to really work that spot for some "real" fish.
My condo overlooks said spot (dempster and river) and I've never actually seen anyone pull anything out of there. I use the spot to test out new gear, but other than that, I go to one of the small lakes in the area. Its a shame because it takes me 2 minutes to walk there, but it's definately not like Dam 1 or 2 upstream. I have yet to throw some chicken livers or stinkbait out there, so I have no idea what the catfish situation is. There are good areas to fish around there, so I wouldn't go there unless its the open of trout season where Axehead and Bellue are crowded.
thanks for the help guys i'll have to give the kennedy overpass a try i'll prob give it a few trys to see if it is anything good i hope it is
I've now worked that spot a few times and am finally having luck fishing above the dam. There are some giant carp jumping around the underpasses. I was testing out a new spinner that I just got and caught a LM above the dam. I looks like the bass are picking off baitfish about to go over the dam. I tossed out some more spinners and caught some nother LM that followed the spinner from across the river. Not the fattest fish, but much healthier than I expected for the DP river. The prime pike spot seems inaccessable from the shore unless you can cast 75 yards to the pipes accross the street below the dam. I wish i had a kayak to get to that area because I've seen pike around those tunnels.
Thanks for the tip. The only place that I've ever fished the DesPlaines River was up by the dam by Palwaukee.
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