Selling 3 Dobyns Rods in excellent condition

Rod #1 Champion XP DC 763SF
Retails for $270 selling for $190
I bought this rod with the intention of using it for cracking heavy tubes or fishing any plastics in weedy areas where I needed a beefier rod. Dobyns suggest using this rod for Senkos,Texas Rigs, and Jigs. I have used this rod very little and it is in excellent shape.

Rod #2 Siera SA 735C
Retails for $190 Selling for $125
I have used this very little and it is in perfect condition. Great for frogs, C-rig, football jig, or pitching heavy plastics or jigs.

Rod #3 Champion 703c SH New model retails for $260 Selling for $150
This is their previous edition Champion and it is a fantastic, lightweight stick. I used this rod for Senkos and light pitching. Dobyns recommends using it for Senkos, Jigs, Flukes, Texas-Rigs, and Spinnerbaits. While the rod is listed as a MH, it is not that beefy. It is a very versatile rod.

The only reason I am selling these rods is that I don't use them very often and I am looking to get a high-end rod that matches my fishing better. You can send me a text at 708-699-2411 if interested.