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you'll need a boat to get to some of the better spots on the main lakes.

if your talking about the discharge, lures don't work there bassfisher.

but heres what i did this year that really produced for me at the discharge.

large fathead minnows or crawlers. fish both with small #8 hooks on 4lb line. 6lb they won't hit nothing.

fish minnows with no weight, freeline them. crawlers use a small split shot about 12" above.

minnows just throw out there and watch your line.

crawlers are a bit trickier. you have to sight fish. locate bigger bass, cast about 6 feet past it and work your crawler to get it right in front of their nose. they will not seek out a crawler. you have to get it in their face. they spook easy that's why you have to cast well beyond them and work the crawler back to the fish.

there is a rock line about 10-12 feet from the rails that runs across from bank to bank. work this rock line and you should pick up some bass.

the entire discharge flow is pretty good. it's best to locate where the fish are with a good pair polarized glasses.

good luck and hope that helps.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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