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Door County Report

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I spent the holiday on Washington Island and had a lot of time to fish. I tried to target Browns the first day but had no luck. Luckly on Sat I found a bunch of yellow perch in and around a Jackson Harbor (located on the north east side of the island) and caught about twenty in three hours using crawlers.

Last Wednesday I fished Belleau for a few hours in the afternoon but didn't catch anyhting. However, it was still a beautiful day.

Fish on!
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Seems like a break well spent. Catching fish is always fun!!!
Thanks for the report Islandfisher. Washington Island is such a great place to fish. Where you fishing from shore, or were you in a boat? It sounds like it was definitely worth your while.
I've heard there are some nice northern pike up that way. Is that so?
Where you fishing from shore or were you in a boat?
I was fishing from shore this time Doc. I spent the other time I had up there putting new seats in my 14' aluminum.

I've heard there are nice northern pike up that way. Is that so?
Yes Jason, there are quite a few northern up there. However I can never catch them when I try. In the past I have caught them while fishing for bass or perch using jigs and minows.

All in all it was a great time.
JasonN said:
I've heard there are some nice northern pike up that way. Is that so?
Most noteably, Washington Island is the place for smallies. There are also many other species in abundance there too.
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