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door county sturgeon bay

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im headin to sturgeon bay on vaction from 7-5 to 7-9. just wanted to know if anyone on the site knows of any good spots to shore fish near sturgeon bay. im sure theres tons of em.
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Tooth Doc can help you. He grew up there.

If you were going in a boat, I could point you in the right direction. Good luck.
If I had to fish from shore I'd drive up to sister bay and fish by the launch. There are a lot of docks there. Then fish the sea wall with a tube. I'd fish a senko around the boats. Fish creek has a lot of bass. There are moored boats everywhere. Egg harbor has some spots too. I'd just find any decent size sea wall.
id like to keep it in sturgeon bay or actually little sturgeon bay because its a family trip and im probably going to be the only one fishing.
Check your PM's.
There is a rock quarry in sturgeon bay and you can fish the shore lines there. IF you do there is a fishing pier to fish on but I wouldnt fish there. I would move more away towards the end where there is small wood stacks sticking up out of the water. right there it drops all the way to 20 ft of water from the start. Usually night crawlers off the bottom will get you smallies or with a slip bobber. You can also cast with deep diver rapalas and sometimes produce Northern Pike. Also there is a state park. potowami state park and there is a fishing peir to fish from. Again do not fish off the peier hence there is so much rock shoreline you are able to cover. Night crawler would be best bet. In town there are peiers you can fish off of and catch perch. Hope this helps. I am actually going up there this weekend for some action. Ill keep informed of what I do.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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