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Door County

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I spent last week vacationing up in Door County. I grew up there as a kid and have fished the waters up there ever since. It was really hot, but I did manage to get some smallmouth action. Nothing real big and many dinks. The biggest being 16 inches. I will try to post some picks later. If you haven't fished up there you have to try it some time. There was also a big salmon tournament going on and a lot of chinooks and cohos were being caught on the Lake Michigan side.
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hey tooth thanks for the post i'm going up to egg harbor on the 4th for a few day i'll be fishing the harbor alil bit (my gf was like THIS IS NOT A FISHING TRIP) yeah right i'm fishing
I didn't try Egg Harbor this time up. I have had some limited success fishing off of the end of the pier there in the past. I had the best luck this time fishing in Ephraim off of the end of Anderson's Dock. Good luck!
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