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Spent last night at the Planetarium with my kids youth group.
But this morning I was amazed to see open water off the shore and to the south.

With the bright sun it looked too perfect for perch fishing.

US and Chicago Flags were practically horizontal and wind chill was ~5 degrees.
Snow piled on the breakwall brought me to my senses that its still winter.

I figured the whole lakefront was solid.

If it warms up its worth a try.
No ice breaking needed.
Just cast bait.


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That is a very good area for perch this time of year but it is incredibly treacherous footing. There is a nice drop off with a steep incline next to 25-30 fow "somewhere" in the area :wink: . I think with all those huge buildings it heats up the ground and the water temps in the immediate area are a few degree's warmer there year round as well. I notice it always has open water regardless of wind direction and everything around it can be covered in ice.
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